» Replica LLC

· Replica LLC is a locally owned and operated legal copy service entirely committed to the requester's needs. Our professional staff will take a proactive approach to obtaining the records you need in exceptional turnaround time. Let us help you obtain the records you require to develop a winning case strategy. We service the needs of worker's compensation, professional & personal injury as well as civil industry.

» Record Reviewing

· We go through the records we copy and identify the injury areas. A summary is placed in a word document and the summary can be used to quickly go through the records obtained. Please contact us to view a sample of our record review summaries.

» AMA / AME Medical Reports Ratings

· AMA / AME guides are used to determine the extent of injuries and to evaluate permanent impairment. Our highly trained staff will do a thorough review of the permanent and stationary (MMI) reports in order to provide you with an accurate disability rating.

» Go Green! Paperless Solutions

· Let us help your firm go paperless. We can help your office by taking your files from an overwhelming clutter into an advanced organized system of filing. Every single one of your files will be electronically stored on your server ready to be accessed at any time.

» Jet Filing

· Let us help you move your cases along faster with our Jet Filing system. With Jet Filing you will be able to file your Applications of Adjudication and get case numbers much faster. Other documents such as a Declaration of Readiness to Proceed, Compromise & Release, Stipulations with Request for Award & Notice and Request for Allowance of Lien can also be filed.

Contact a representative for a demonstration of our services.

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